Are you ready to be outrageously successful? To drop the struggle for good? Enjoy your life more fully? And make your wildest dreams come true?


Drop the motherf*cking struggle is a self-help book for female business owners, CEO's and entrepreneurs who want to improve their success rate drastically but don't want to work harder and put in more hours doing so. 


In this inspirational and practical how-to guide, best-selling author and award-winning business coach, Susanne Grant, shares her best tips, tools and tricks to help you uncover and transform your life by dropping the motherf*cking struggle and replacing it with ease, fun, joy and flow!




In this powerful book, you will learn:


In Drop The Motherf*cking Struggle: Your guide to creating an outrageously successful life by embracing your awesomeness, you learn how to shift your reality from struggle to ease, leaving the overworking days, struggles and hardship in the past as you allow yourself to be guided to create your version of outrageous success in a way that feels easy, fun and fantastic as you embrace a new way of doing and being.

  • Serve The Eviction Notice

    After reading Drop The Motherf*cking Struggle, you will be able to understand why you’ve lived in “struggle town” for way too long and serve the eviction notice for good, as we will uncover the truth about success.

  • The Myths About Success

    Why modern-day womanhood is designed to make you fail and how you can take back your power to create the life you desire.

  • Your Personalised Strategy

    You will uncover your personalised success strategy. What it really means to be successful, how to create the success you desire? And how to implement your personalised success strategy for the best results.

  • Free Book Resources

    In addition, you will have access to a number of free book resources to help you succeed. So you can say goodbye to the struggle for good!

Drop the Motherf*cking Struggle is a cheerful unapologetic manifesto for anyone who is willing to leave the struggle behind, see what's available for them and truly step into their worth. It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Silja Thor

Drop the Motherf*cking Struggle is the ultimate guide for women who have been taught that the hustle and grind is the only way to achieve success to discover how to take a step back and connect with themselves once again. The exercises and journal prompts provide the reader with incredible step-by-step support along the way. It’s as though Susanne is right there with you, cheering you on.

Melanie Herschorn

This book truly is like having a little Susanne in your pocket. Her no-nonsense approach to creating the life of your dreams jumps right off the page. This book gets you excited to sort your shit out and drop the motherf*cking struggle for good.

Mags Thomson

Susanne Grant - Work Life Balance Expert - Drop the struggle book


SUSANNE GRANT is a Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Business Coach & Consultant who specialises in helping you redefine success so you can have the success you desire without sacrificing you, your health or your relationships.


She runs an award-winning coaching company and hosts sold-out masterminds and events. Her work has been featured in Global Millionaire Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and many more. In fact, thousands of people have benefited from her work and are now living life on their terms as they implement Susanne’s motto:Work Smarter, Not Harder”. Are you ready for the success you desire & deserve? 


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